Woodland Wonderland Counting Puzzles

These counting puzzles take less than five minutes to prepare! It is an adorable printable activity, that’ll help kids understand number sequencing in a fun way!

Woodland Wonderland Counting Puzzles Printable - Numbers 1-120

Kids will enjoy putting the puzzles together to reveal the picture!

12 different counting puzzles with beautiful graphics of animals, mushrooms, leaves, flowers and other elements are position in a following seasons, starting with winter, then spring, summer and ending with fall pictures.

When the kids assemble all of the puzzles and count to 120, all 4 seasons, different animals and details are revealed.

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Woodland Wonderland Counting Puzzles Printable - Numbers 1-120

When kids get good at sequencing separate puzzles, mix the puzzle pieces from multiple puzzles together to make it more challenging.

You can put the woodland wonderland counting puzzles in an envelope or wrap a rubber band around the puzzles to store them.

Woodland Wonderland Counting Puzzles Printable - Numbers 1-120

This printable PDF includes 6 pages of 12 puzzles (together 120 puzzle pieces). Includes numbers from 1 to 120.

TO PREP: Print out the puzzles. Print on cardstock for more durability. Cut out. (You can laminate the pieces for even more durability.)

TO PLAY: Lay the puzzle pieces in a pile. Have the child place them in correct order to make the pictures to show the correct way. Have fun!


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