What Doesn’t Belong Owl Task Cards

Kids will practice classification and visual discrimination with this set of What Doesn’t Belong Task Cards with adorable owls!

What Doesn't Belong Owl Task Cards

Identifying similarities and differences help kids make connections and see patterns. When they analyze a group of items and observe their characteristics, they develop logical reasoning skills. These skills are important for them to be able to solve real world problems in life and think outside the box.

What Doesn’t Belong Owl Task Cards

This is a pack of 80 different task cards!

Your kids will take one card and look at 4 pictures. They will try to figure out which one doesn’t belong to the theme of the others and tell why.

You can use a manipulative, such as buttons, counters or other small objects to cover or mark the picture on the card.

(Alternatively – If you decide to laminate the cards, your kids can also use dry erase markers to circle the picture. Then use a tissue or eraser to wipe off.)

This activity includes task cards with different levels of difficulty and is therefore great for differentiation. Some cards are very easy while others are more challenging for kids to figure out.

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What Doesn't Belong Owl Task Cards

This set also includes bonus black & white version! Simply print out and then, for example, have kids color the images that do and cross out the ones that doesn’t belong based on the theme. This can also be fun!

What Doesn't Belong Owl Task Cards

This PDF printable set includes 20 pages of 80 task cards. (+ black & white versions, together 40 pages!)

TO PREP: Print out the cards. Print on cardstock for more durability. Cut out the cards. You can laminate them for even more durability.

TO PLAY: Each clip cards includes 4 pictures to choose from. Your little learners need to identify the picture that doesn’t belong. Have fun!

What Doesn't Belong Owl Task Cards

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