Telling Time Bees and Flowers Match

This is an adorable bees and flowers matching game that helps kids practice telling time! After introducing your kids to the parts of a clock, they can use this activity to practice reading clocks.

Telling Time Bees and Flowers Match

To help introduce telling time to my daughter, I created this fun bees and flowers printable set that we are loving right now.

You can start to practice telling time to the whole hour and when the child is ready, continue with practicing telling time to the half hour and then reading a clock when it is 15 minutes past and 15 minutes to the hour.

What’s also great about this set is, that it includes extra 4 flower clocks and 4 bees with blank spaces to write inside the digital times and draw the clock hands. You can use a permanent marker and (if you laminate the images), even fine point dry erase marker, so you can draw on on them over and over again.

Telling Time Bees and Flowers Match

This PDF printable set includes 6 pages of 16 flower clocks and 16 adorable bees:

  • 8 show time to the hour and half hour
  • 4 show 15 minutes past and 15 minutes to the hour.
  • 4 flower clock and 4 bees with blank spaces.


TO PREP: Print out the bees and flowers. Print on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut them out.

You can also glue the bees onto clothespins or clips for more fine motor skill practice while matching.

TO PLAY: Let your kids match digital time bees with matching analog clock flowers.

Write your own digital time inside the blank spaces on the bees and draw the hands on the analog clock flowers.

Telling Time Bees and Flowers Match

Telling Time Bees and Flowers Match

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  1. My student was Pre-K when we started working with your “Build-A-Bear” number match. At the time, she could only count to 10; therefore, we only worked with the bears that represented the numbers 1-10. We recently added the bears from 11-20. Needless to say, she was so proud of herself for getting to add the additional numbers. But most importantly, she was just as excited to build “her” bears as she was when we started several months ago. She gets so involved in helping “her” bears gain their arms and legs that she doesn’t even realize she is learning. As if I wasn’t already sold, she asks at least once a week when we can help “her” bears with their arms and legs!

    1. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for this lovely message! I’m so happy that you and your student like this activity and find it engaging!

      Best regards,

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