What Causes Storms?


What causes storms? Can you make one at home? Well…kind of. 😉 I found an interesting experiment, which allows children to understand the reason for the formation of storms! We’re going to imagine, that the water is in fact air. Two of the most important ingredients for thunderstorm formation are unstable air and moisture. The… 

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Homemade Playdough


While I found a lot of different recipes around for homemade playdough on the internet, I really did not expect, that it will really work. Makes me happy to know, that this playdough does not consists of any toxic ingredients. This is always a good news, when you have an unpredictable toddler (who likes to… 

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Color Changing Oxeye Daisies


It’s the perfect time of the year for the experiment with freshly picked oxeye daisies and food coloring. We’re going to change the color of the flowers! How fun and interesting, right? That’s why we decided to go on a walk and find some flowers around our garden. As soon as we arrived home, we… 

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