Summer Letter Matching Puzzles

These summer letter matching puzzles are great for practicing fine motor skills, logical thinking and upper and lower case letters recognition!

Summer Letter Matching Puzzles

Each puzzle piece has a letter written on it. Kids will match the letter puzzle piece with letter on the mat and place the puzzle piece on the correct spot.

This printable set includes each puzzle and each mat with upper AND lower case letters. This way you can decide, whether you want the kids to match upper case/lower case letter puzzle pieces with upper case/lower case puzzle mat!

Summer Letter Matching Puzzles

This printable PDF includes 12 pages of 3 different summer-themed puzzles with upper and lower case letters + one mat for each puzzle

(together 6 puzzles and 6 mats)

To PREP: Print out. Print on cardstock for more durability. Cut out the puzzles on the lines.

To PLAY: Let your kids match the lower/upper case letter puzzle piece with upper/lower case letter on the mat and place the puzzle piece on the correct spot. Have fun!


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{This product can also be purchased as part of the Seasons Letter Matching Puzzles Bundle}

Summer Letter Matching Puzzles

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