St. Patrick’s Day Ten Frame Counting Puzzle

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and this fun activity will be great for practicing counting and subitizing to 12!

St.Patrick's Day Ten Frame Counting Puzzle

FREE St.Patrick’s Day Ten Frame Counting Puzzle

Kids will count the shamrocks, find the puzzle piece with matching number and place it on the correct spot!

To prep, print out the puzzle. Print on cardstock for more durability. Cut out the puzzle pieces and let your little learners put together the puzzle.

St.Patrick's Day Ten Frame Counting Puzzle

If you prefer, you can place the puzzle pieces upside down instead and write the numbers on the back of the pieces. This way, the puzzle will turn into a “mystery” one and kids won’t be able to recognize, what the completed picture will look like, until the puzzle in completed. That can be a lot of fun too!

(That’s why this set also includes additional version without numbers on puzzle pieces.)


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  1. I tried to email, but I keep getting an undeliverable message, so I am trying this.
    I am having trouble opening free printables from your site. I receive the email, click on the link and then enter the password, but I end up with a blank screen with your site header at the top of the page only. What can I do differently?

    1. Hi Lisa,

      this sometimes happens due to the different versions of web browsers. If you can, try downloading the printables in a different browser.

      In case this doesn’t solve the problem, reply to this comment and I’ll email you the printables or email me directly at sandra[at] (don’t forget to switch out [at] 🙂

      Regards, Sandra

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