Squirrel & Acorn Shape Puzzles

Fall is just around the corner! Celebrate the beginning of this wonderful season with these FREE Shape Puzzles, featuring adorable squirrels and smiling acorns!

Squirrel & Acorn Shape Puzzles

Squirrel & Acorn Shape Puzzles

Squirrels are looking for their acorns! Help them find matching shape acorns before the winter comes! 🙂

Each puzzle has a different line that connects the two pieces together, making the puzzles self-correcting.

Included shapes are the following: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, heart, star, pentagon, hexagon, oval, rhombus, diamond and trapezium.

Squirrel & Acorn Shape Puzzles

To prep, simply print out the shape puzzles. Print them on cardstock for extra durability. Cut them out.

Your little learners will match shape squirrels with matching shape acorns!

Ready to give these fun squirrel and acorn shape matching puzzles a go?


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Squirrel & Acorn Shape Puzzles

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    1. Hi! Yes it is free! 🙂 You should have received an email right away. I just resend it to your address. Please let me know, if you still don’t receive it.

        1. Hi Rebecca! I’ve just sent you an email with the download link. Please make sure to also check spam/trash folders.

          Best regards, Sandra

  1. I love your squirrel and acorns shapes but cannot find where to click to print the free item being offered.

    1. Hi Bernadette! When you open the file, the buttons to print or download should be located in the top or bottom right corner of the window (depends on the browser you’re using.) I hope this helps! Let me know, if you still can’t find it. 🙂

  2. Hi Sandra,

    I did enter my e-mail , but never got a welcome e-mail or the freebie link back. It’s being few hours. Please help:)

    1. Hi Maria! I’m sorry about that. We had some technical difficulties over the weekend and some welcome emails didn’t get sent. I just sent you one manually. Please let me know in case you don’t receive it. Thank you!

    1. Hi Laura! Thank you.:) Please check you inbox. You should’ve received an email. The first link in the welcome email will lead you to the page when you can download the printable.

  3. Submitted email, but not receiving a reply? Would love to know how to access squirrel shape matching puzzles 🙂 Thanks, Staci

    1. Hi Staci,

      thank you for subscribing. After you enter your email address, you should get an email with the link and password to my download page, where you can download the free printables. To download the printable just follow the instructions in the email you received.

      If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

      I hope you enjoy the activity 🙂

      Regards, Sandra

    1. Hi! Thank you for subscribing. I’ve just send you an email with the link to access the printable. Please also check your spam/trash folders.
      Best regards,

    1. Hi! Thank you for subscribing. Please also check your spam/trash folders. If you’re still having troubles, please let me know!
      Best regards,

  4. it has been a year and I have never recieved this. I tried entering my email again with no luck. It is not in my junk mail. There is an issue with this.

    1. Hi Rebecca, I checked and I did respond to your comment last year with the link to download, but it looks like you somehow didn’t receive that email as well. If you can, please try entering another email to get the printable. It looks like there’s something blocking the email from reaching your address. I hope this helps.

      Best regards,

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