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Spot the Differences Spring Visual Perception

Looking for an engaging activity to help your kids sharpen those visual perception skills?

Try these fun spring themed Spot the Difference Picture Puzzles!

Visual perception is the brain’s ability to interpret what the eyes see. It is not the same as how well someone sees, but how the brain makes sense of what is seen. Visual perceptual skills are important for development of reading skills, writing, solving math problems and a lot of other skills.

These spot the difference activities will train your kids to look closely and pay attention to details and are a fun and hands-on way for your preschool, kindergarten or elementary school students to practice!

To purchase the Spot the Differences – Spring Picture Puzzles, click HERE.

This printable set features 7 different spring picture puzzles/scenes in both Color and Black & White!

Each page includes a puzzle with two similar pictures. You kids will closely examine both pictures and try to spot the differences. There are 10 differences you can find between the two similar pictures!

These picture puzzles are great for morning work, occupational therapy activities, independent work, homeschooling, early finishers or small group activities. They will help your little detectives with visual perception, visual discrimination, describing and vocabulary skills.

Click HERE to see the preview!

To prepare, print out the pages. Print on cardstock for more durability. You can also laminate the pages for even more durability and use with dry erase markers if you prefer. This way you can use them again and again!

Print the black & white version and your kids can color or circle the differences they find. This can also be fun!

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{This resource can also be purchased as part of the Spot the Difference Seasons Bundle}

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