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Sponge and Sticky Tape Sail Boats

In summer, me and my daughter often go outside the house, fill the small pool (which is basically a sand box, but works great as a pool too) and just enjoy the hot weather while keeping ourselves cool. I decided to upgrade the play by making some sailing boats, using sponge, ice cream stick and sticky tapes.


First, I cut a little piece of (harder) paper and taped it with wide brown sticky tape. Then I added some white stripes, using white tape, which is actually meant for electric isolation. It really does not matter which tape you use, but it is important, that the tape is waterproof. I made a small cut on each end of the paper with scissors and also in the center area of a sponge (soft side).


I attached the ice cream sticks through both holes. I used some alcohol-based marker to make it a little more fun, although I didn’t have a lot of time for that, as my little sail boat captain could not wait to go outside and start playing with her boats.




Our sail boats were slowly sailing in calm waters, until


they had to face the danger of a garden hose. 🙂



The play soon turned out to be a competition, who can hose them down until they capsize first. 😉


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