Snowman Addition to 10 Board Game

Kids can practice beginning addition with this cute Snowman Addition to 10 Board Game!

Snowman Addition to 10 Printable Board Game

To play, each player first puts a counter on start. Players take turn to roll the dice, move forward that many spaces. When they land on a spot, they answer the addition on the path to the snowman’s carrot nose. They can also point the finger to the correct number snowflake. The first player to land on the finish, wins the game!

Of course, there are different ways you could play this game. You can even make up your own rules!

We played this snowman board game many times already and it’s always a lot of fun! Plus, it turned out to be a very effective way for my daughter to stay engaged in practicing addition.

Snowman Addition to 10 Printable Board Game

To prep, simply print out the board game. Print it on cardstock for more durability, grab a dice and a few counters and have fun! 🙂


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