Snail Time Match

Telling time can be a difficult concept for kids and to fully understand it often takes a lot of practice. This Snail Time Match makes all of that practice more exciting for little learners.

It’s a great activity for math centers, small group activity or homeschool practice.

Snail Time Match Printable Activity

Snail Time Match

These cute snails are looking for their shells! Your kids can help them by matching digital time snails with analog clock shells.

In this activity, the kids will practice telling time by the hour, by the half hour, 15 minutes past and 15 minutes to the hour and also to 5-minute intervals.

To make it easier to differentiate, the snails are color coded. Orange snails show time to the hour, blue snails show time to the half hour, gray snails show 15 minutes to the hour and brown snails show 15 past past the hour. This set also includes additional pink snails for practicing telling time in 5-minute intervals!

Snail Time Match

This PDF printable set includes 20 pages of 60 digital time snail cards and 60 analog clock shells.

  • 12 show time to the hour
  • 12 show time to the half hour
  • 12 show time 15 minutes past the hour
  • 12 show time 15 to the hour
  • 12 show time at 5-minute intervals

Snail Time Match

Consider starting with small number of snails first. When your kids are ready, add more or use different colors of snails to make the practice more challenging.

Snail Time Match

TO PREP: Print out the cards and the shells. Print on cardstock for more durability. Cut them out.

You can also attach the shells onto clothespins or clips for more fine motor skill practice while matching.

TO PLAY: Let your kids match digital time snails with matching analog clock shells. Have fun!

Snail Time Match

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