Snail Rhyming Match

This cute Snail Rhyming Match will be a playful way to help your kids practice matching words that rhyme!

Your little learners will feed the snails by identifying and matching fun snails and leaves!

These adorable snails are hungry! Help them by finding the words on the leaves that rhyme with the ones on the snails.

Playing games is a great way to get kids learning without realizing they’re learning, so let’s have some fun!

Your kids will first pick up a snail card, look at the picture and say the word out loud. Then they’ll look for its rhyming match.

If your kids just started working with rhyming, consider using only a few sets of rhyming pairs at a time. Of course, you can play with as few or as many pieces as you like, depending on your kids.

This set includes bonus black & white version! This way your kids can also color the snails and leaves themselves, which could make this activity even more fun for kids who love to color.

To purchase the Snail Rhyming Match, click HERE.

This printable PDF includes 8 pages of 24 rhyming snails and 24 matching leaves (+ black & white version).

TO PREP: Print out the snail and leaves. Print them on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut them out.

TO PLAY: Your kids will identify and match rhyming words snails and leaves. Have fun!

Ready for your kids to practice rhyming with these fun snails?

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