Spring Syllable Match – Butterflies and Flowers


This is fun syllable counting game! A spring themed activity that will make sure your kids have fun while they’re learning!

This printable PDF includes 9 pages of 30 syllable butterflies and 30 flowers + 2 syllable worksheets.

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Your kids will look at the flower cards and identify the picture or read the word on each card. They will identify and count the number of syllables in words and place the correct number butterflies on matching flowers.

The words included have between one and five syllables.

To prep, print out the butterflies and flowers. Print the on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut out the pieces. Have fun!

This set also includes two no prep worksheets. Your students will look at the picture in the center and color the correct butterfly. The words included in these two pages have between one and four syllables.

These worksheets can be used as morning work, homework or independent practice!


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