Pumpkin Seed Counting Cards


These Pumpkin Seed Counting Cards are a playful way to practice counting on from a given number as well as addition up to 10!

This PDF printable set incudes 12 pumpkin seed counting cards and two worksheets.

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You kids will read the number written at the top of the card and draw the missing pumpkin seeds. This set includes numbers up to 10.

To prepare, just print, cut along the lines to separate the cards and laminate! Print on cardstock for extra durability.

Kids will use dry erase markers to draw the seeds. Then use a tissue or eraser to wipe off and the cards can be used again!

Alternatively, you can use small pebbles or other small objects to be used as pumpkin seeds instead of drawing.

Pumpkin Seed Counting Cards

This card set also include two pumpkin seed counting worksheets!

Pumpkin Seed Counting Worksheets


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