Fish & Fishbowls Compound Words


In this fun activity, your kids will be practicing finding and making compound words by matching colorful fish with correct fishbowls!

This printable PDF includes 24 pages of colorful fish and matching fishbowls.

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This printable game will help you teach your learners about compound words. A compound word is made of two words joined together to make a longer word with a new meaning.

Your students will take a look at the word on the fishbowl, then find the matching fish and place them in the fishbowl to make compound words!

Alternatively, to make this game more challenging, you can have your kids mix and match the fish to try to find different compound words first and then match them with the correct fishbowl.

This set includes fish & fishbowls with written words and pictures + version with just pictures, which is great for differentiation!

This printable PDF includes 24 pages of 28 fish and 18 matching fishbowls.

TO PREP: Print out the fish and fishbowls. Print them on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut them out.

TO PLAY: Let your kids match upper and lower case letter fish with correct fishbowls. Have fun!



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