Color Match Bundle


This is a bundle of three engaging, hands-on color matching activities!

Kids will work on color identification, counting and fine motor skills in a fun way!


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Your kids will help fish to find matching fishbowls, sheep to return to their pastures and build adorable bears by identifying and matching colors.

This bundle includes all of the items below:

Fish & Fishbowls Color Match ($4 Value)

Fish and Fishbowls Color Match

Sheep Color Match ($4 Value)

Sheep Color Match

Build a Bear Color Match ($4 Value)


This bundle includes 3 printable PDF Color Matching Sets.

TO PREP: Print out. Print on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut out the images.

TO PLAY: Your kids will match fish with matching fishbowls, sheep with matching pastures and arms and legs to the colors on the bear. Have fun!


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