Color by Emotions Mystery Pictures


These no prep Color by Emotions Mystery Pictures will get your kids excited to learn about emotions and different emotional expressions! 

This printable PDF printable activity includes 10 different pictures!

Your kids will color the pictures by identifying an emotional expression and color the matching smiley face with pencil or crayon. By coloring the faces, they will reveal one big smiley face! 🙂

They will enjoy coloring the pictures and at the same time, focusing on an important skill that will help to develop their emotional intelligence – a skill to recognize emotions.

These pages can serve as an engaging activity for introduction and conversation about different emotions, how to express, recognize and deal with them.

This is a no prep activity. Simply print out the pages and add crayons or colored pencils!

This printable PDF includes 10 pictures for your kids to color by code!

TO PREP: Print out the pages. Add crayons or colored pencils.

TO PLAY: Your kids will color the pages by code and reveal the pictures. Have fun!


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