Cheesy Presents CVC Word to Picture Match

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This is an engaging, hands-on activity that will help your kids work on their CVC words skills in a fun way!

Your kids can help ‘deliver’ cheesy presents to these adorable mice by matching CVC words to pictures!

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Kids can match the picture to the word, showing they are able to read and comprehend the meaning of the word.

You can play this game in different ways. You can have your kids take a mouse card and find the correct present, take a present and match it with the mouse that it belongs to, or simply mix and match the cards to learn!

This activity is perfect for independent word work or small group practice.

This PDF set includes 14 pages of 40 mouse cards and 40 presents.

CVC words included are:

  • a – hat, bat, bag, jam, map, pan, van, pad
  • e – gem, red, jet, web, hem, bed, den, hen
  • i – lid, bib, pig, fig, fin, dim, tin, bin
  • o – pod, box, log, hop, pop, mop, rod, dot
  • u – bud, tub, bug, mud, bus, sun, rug, mug

To prep, print out the pages. Print on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut out the cards and have fun!

1 review for Cheesy Presents CVC Word to Picture Match

  1. Kelly Jorgensen (verified owner)

    Absolutely adorable!

    • Sandra

      Thank you so much, Kelly!

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