Caterpillar Sequencing Cards


These Caterpillar Sequencing Cards will help your little learners to recognize patterns in their everyday life and understand how events occur in a logical order.

Sequencing is an essential skill for reading comprehension, writing stories, solving math problems and these quirky caterpillars are sure going to make learning fun!

This printable PDF includes 13 pages of 22 caterpillars (together 104 cards)

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You can start by placing cards with pictures in front of your kids in order and show them that one thing happened first, the second thing happened next and then the other pictured happened last.

Then take another set of cards and ask the child to build a caterpillar by placing cards in the correct order. Don’t forget to mix them up beforehand or if you prefer, place them in a wrong order and ask your child to correct it.

You can ask them questions about what happened first, next and last.

Caterpillar Sequencing Cards Printable

These sequencing cards include colorful caterpillars with three step sequence and caterpillars with seven step sequence, that are a bit harder to place in the right order (22 different caterpillars: 18 three step and 4 seven step caterpillars).

So once the child is able to order three step caterpillars, he or she can start building seven step ones.

You can easily accommodate whatever age or ability of your little learners. You can choose only two pictures for kids to place in order or all the pictures at once to build different caterpillars.

Caterpillar Sequencing Cards Printable

Caterpillar Sequencing Cards Printable

This printable PDF includes 13 pages of 22 caterpillars (104 cards)

TO PREP: Print out the cards. Print them on cardstock for more durability. Cut out the cards on the lines.

TO PLAY: Let your little learners build caterpillars by placing the cards with pictures in the correct order. Have fun!

Caterpillar Sequencing Cards Printable


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