Animal Habitats


Learning about different animals and their habitats will be so much fun with this engaging Animal Habitats printable set!

This PDF printable set includes 18 pages of 8 habitat scenes and 40 clip cards.


Which animals don’t belong in this habitat?

This set includes 8 scenes, each one representing a different habitat. Your kids will look at the picture and find which animals don’t belong in this habitat.

The habitats included are: Forest, Arctic, Desert, Rainforest, Pond, Farm, Savannah and Ocean. There are three animals that don’t belong in each habitat.

Your kids will point at the ones, that don’t belong. You can also use buttons or other manipulatives, which you kids can place on the animals that don’t belong. If you prefer, you can laminate the pages and use dry erase markers to circle the animals.

List of all the animals pictured and answer keys are included.

Where do they live? Animal Habitats Clip Cards

These clip cards will help kids practice and strengthen their fine motor skill as well!

Each clip card has a picture of an animal. There are 3 habitat choices to choose from.

Your kids will try to figure out where does the animal live and clip the correct answer.

This set includes 40 clip cards!

To make this activity even more beneficial, you can write the correct answer onto the back of each card and the cards will also be self correcting!

Your kids can then flip them over to make sure they answered correctly.

To prepare, simply print out the cards. Print on cardstock for more durability. Cut out the cards. You can laminate them for even more durability. Have fun!


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