Addition & Subtraction to 20 Bundle

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These colorful Addition & Subtraction activities will help your kids practice in a playful way!

This is a bundle of three engaging, hands-on learning activities!

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Your kids will put together colorful puzzles, build adorable bears and help the frogs find the correct lily pads by solving addition and subtraction problems!

The activities in this bundle focus on adding an subtracting numbers up to 20.

This bundle includes all of the items below:

Build a Bear Addition & Subtraction Match ($5 Value)

Frogs in the Pond Addition & Subtraction Match ($4 Value)

Addition & Subtraction Puzzles ($4 Value)

This bundle includes 3 printable PDF Addition & Subtraction activities.

TO PREP: Print out. Print on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut out the pieces.

TO PLAY: Your kids will solve the addition & subtraction problems and match arms and legs to the number on the bear, put together colorful puzzles and help the frogs find the correct lily pads. Have fun!


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