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Popsicle Stick Puzzle

Make a popsicle stick puzzle with your kids! It’s especially interesting for all the ice cream lovers out there. 😉  It’s a fun project and an activity, that will keep the kids occupied for hours and will also cut down on waste.

Popsicle Stick Puzzle

I used brand new craft sticks but you could also clean and then dry already used wooden popsicle sticks.


Tape the sticks together by placing a long strip of masking tape on top while ensuring the sticks stay tightly beside each other. Then flip over the stuck-together sticks so that the tape is on the bottom.


All you need to do is draw out a sketch of the puzzle on the other side. I recommend you use a pencil for this part.


Then use a thin paint brush and acrylic paint and gradually color the sketch.



Add additional colors to make the puzzle even more attractive and colorful.


Once the color has dried, carefully take the tape off the back and separate the sticks.



Now mix up the sticks and let your little one figure out the puzzle. I later realized I could have drawn a different picture on the back side, and make the popsicle stick puzzle even more fun and a bit more difficult to solve. 😉


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