Hedgehog Addition to 10 Match

Learning addition can be fun and engaging! This printable addition to 10 matching activity is a simple and fun way to practice beginning addition.

It is a perfect activity for classroom use or even at home!

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Hedgehog Addition to 10 Match

We first spread out the apples, mushrooms, acorns and leaves on the table so we could see the numbers. Then we stacked up the hedgehogs on a pile to draw from.

We pulled one hedgehog from the pile and read the equation aloud. Once we solved the equation, we looked for the matching apple, mushroom, acorn or leaf and placed it on top of the hedgehog’s back.

Hedgehog Addition to 10 Match

We kept solving the equations until all the hedgehogs got their object to, as my daughter said, carry ‘into their homes’. 🙂

You can also differentiate this game for your little learners by deciding how much support they need with solving the equations. You could play as is or use manipulatives to help with the process.

Hedgehog Addition to 10 Match

This PDF printable set includes 4 pages with 18 equation hedgehogs and 18 answer objects (apples, mushrooms, acorns and leaves).

TO PREP: Print out the hedgehogs and the objects. Print on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut them out.

TO PLAY: Let your little learners match the equation hedgehogs with correct answer object. Have fun!


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