Frogs in the Pond Shape Match

This fun printable shape match activity will help you kids see and identify shapes in everyday objects!

Frogs in the Pond Shape Match Printable

Being able to identify basic shapes and how they relate to each other is a skill, that’ll set a good foundation for understanding more complex geometrical concepts in the future.

Triangles on a cake, circle on a clock, squares on a window… shapes are all around us!

Help these cute frogs find their pond! Kids will do this by recognizing the 2D shapes in everyday objects and placing the frogs on matching ponds.

Included shapes: circle, oval, square, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon and octagon.

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Frogs in the Pond Shape Match Printable

This printable PDF includes 5 pages of 20 shape frogs and 10 shape ponds.

TO PREP: Print out the frogs and ponds. Print on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut them out.

TO PLAY: Let your little learners match shape frogs with matching ponds. Have fun!

Frogs in the Pond Shape Match Printable


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