Fish Opposites Cards

Your kids are going to enjoy practicing opposites with these adorable Fish Opposites Cards!

Fish Opposites Cards


Make learning fun with the help of these colorful fishies! It’s a great matching activity for preschool, kindergarten or first grade practice.

Kids will pick a fish card and find the correct opposite fish and place them together so they’re ‘looking’ at each other!

They can read the words and/or look at the picture to place the correct opposite fish together.

This activity can also be set up as a memory game!

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Fish Opposites Cards

This set includes 40 large fish opposites cards with photos.

Featured are 20 opposites:  big-small, wet-dry, sour-sweet, day-night, clean-dirty, light-heavy, new-old, short-long, asleep-awake, hot-cold, off-on, full-empty, front-back, open-closed and more!

Included are versions with and without labels, which is great for differentiation.

Simply print out the fish and cut out. Laminate these fish cards or print on cardstock to make them more durable for little learners.

Fish Opposites Cards

This printable PDF includes 20 pages of 40 opposites fish pairs (20 with labels + version without labels)

TO PREP: Print out the fish and cut them out. Laminate the cards or print on cardstock for more durability.

TO PLAY: Your kids will pick a fish card, find the correct opposite fish and place them together. Have fun!

Fish Opposites Cards

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