Dry Erase Worksheet Trick

In the previous post, I presented you with a collection of free worksheets, full of fun exercises and this time, I’ll show you an awesome trick you can use, to make your mazes, exercises and coloring pages even more useful… and super FUN! 🙂


How? It’s really simple, you just print out the worksheets and laminate them or if you don’t have the machine to laminate, you can simply insert the worksheet into an A4 plastic wallet. All you need now is a dry erase marker and a tissue or a small piece of cotton wool. Your worksheets will now be pretty much indestructible and your kids will be able to use them again and again without the need to always re-print them, because you can easily erase the marker by using a piece of cotton wool or a tissue.


Kids usually like doing these exercises again and again and the wiping is almost as fun as solving the exercises.


My little girl really enjoys solving the exercises and then wiping down the marker. I really hope your kids will have just as much fun! 🙂

p.s. if you don’t have the free worksheets already, you can find the collection here –> http://frogs-and-fairies.com/free-e-book-10-fun-worksheets-for-kids/

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