Dachshund Dog Alphabet Puzzles

These fun Dog Alphabet Puzzles are a hands-on and low prep way to work on letters and their sounds with your kids!

Dog Alphabet Puzzles - Letters & Letter Sounds

Dachshund Dog Alphabet Puzzles

Kids are usually drawn to dogs and these adorable Dachshund breed puppies are sure going to be a hit among little learners that are starting to master those pre-reading skills. In this activity, your kids will build cute dogs in fun & colorful sweaters!

Dog Alphabet Puzzles - Letters & Letter Sounds

You can start by mixing up just a few sets of puzzle pieces for your kids to sort through when they’re trying to find the correct pieces to build the dogs. When they are ready, you can mix up all of the 26 letter puzzle pieces at once.

Every dog in this set is different, which will help kids self-correct their puzzle piece choices as they are practicing.

Alphabet picture cards included: Ant, Bell, Clown, Dinosaur, Elephant, Fire, Gift, Hot air balloon, Instruments, Jewelry, Kiwi, Lollipop, Map, Nuts, Octopus, Plant, Queen, Rocking horse, Snail, Tent, Umbrella, Van, Worm, X-ray, Yarn, Zebra.

You can put the puzzles in an envelope or wrap a rubber band around the puzzles to store them when not in use.

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Dog Alphabet Puzzles - Letters & Letter Sounds

This printable PDF includes 7 pages of 26 puzzles (together 78 puzzle pieces). Includes letters from A-Z.

TO PREP: Print out the puzzles. Print on cardstock for more durability. Cut them out. You can laminate the pieces for even more durability.

TO PLAY: Let your kids complete the puzzles by matching upper case letters, lower case letters and their beginning sounds. Have fun!

Dog Alphabet Puzzles - Letters & Letter Sounds

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Dog Alphabet Puzzles - Letters & Letter Sounds

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