CVC Word Building Nest

The CVC Word Building Nest printable activity will get your little learners engaged and excited about their learning!

These colorful birds will help your kids build CVC words and encourage their early reading skills.

CVC Word Building Nest Printable Activity

In this activity the kids will be building 20 different CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words using colorful birds.

There are three baby birds missing in each nest that together form a word. The goal is for kids to use their sounds and make words. They will do this by using the birds to make the given word on the nest.

This activity includes two levels of difficulty for each word. The first level has nests with the words written on them. That way the child can focus on finding the correct letters and placing them in the right order. The second level has nest with pictures only. The kids need to sound out the word and find the matching letters.

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CVC Word Building Nest

This printable PDF includes 25 pages of 60 birds and 40 nests.

TO PREP: Print out the birds and nests. Print them on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut them out.

TO PLAY: Let your kids form different CVC words by placing baby birds with letters in the nest. Have fun!

CVC Word Building Nest

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