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Color Changing Oxeye Daisies

It’s the perfect time of the year for the experiment with freshly picked oxeye daisies and food coloring. We’re going to change the color of the flowers! How fun and interesting, right? 🙂 That’s why we decided to go on a walk and find some flowers around our garden.

Color Changing Oxeye Daisies

As soon as we arrived home, we immediately started the experiment, because the results are best, when the flowers are fresh. I cut the stems, just a little, so we got a clean cut. My daughter put the flowers in different cups (with water and few drops of food coloring in them).

Color Changinf Oxeye Daisies

After only a couple of minutes, we started noticing slight yellow tinge on one of the flowers.

Color Changinf Oxeye Daisies


Soon after that, we noticed first strikes of blue!


I was very surprised it took such a short time to color the petals!


My daughter wanted to swap the flowers from one cup to another, and that is why we discovered an amazing effect. Oxeye daisies were changing colors in different hues after being in different colored-water for only about 10 minutes!





Food coloring does not suppose to damage the flowers, but for some reason, flowers that I left overnight in red colored-water, withered a lot sooner then flowers in other cups. Obviously, there is something about red food coloring that damages the flowers.

This experiment with color changing oxeye daisies is so enchanting and I just can’t wait to try it again this spring/summer. Isn’t the nature just amazing, right? 🙂


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