5 Fun Indoor Snow Activities


Playing with snow is a lot of fun where we can find it – outside! But fun doesn’t have to end when we go home, bring some inside! (Make sure it’s clean, preferably freshy fallen snow of course. ) We did that last time it snowed and had a lot of fun! Here are 5… 

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DIY Marble Maze


Do you or your kids love to play with marbles? Or maybe solving mysterious mazes? What’s even more fun is a maze made especially for marbles! I should probably warn you, building a maze like this might captivate even adults and before you know it, you could all end up playing with it. 😉 What… 

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Craft Foam Window Puzzle


I think this is one of those activities, you can always fall back to, when you’re out of fresh ideas or the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse. All you need to make your own little window puzzle is a few sheets of craft foam in different colors, scissors and some water. Cut… 

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