Crepe Paper Bleeding Art


You’ll only need some crepe paper, watercolor paper and water to create this amazing and fun crepe paper bleeding art! I got an inspiration from It’s Always Autumn, where they used tissue paper to create transfer art.We didn’t have any tissue paper at home, but a lot of crepe paper from some other projects, so… 

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Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments DIY Tutorial

This is a fun craft you can quickly and easily make with your little ones! They’re even cuter if you adorn them with your child’s drawings. You’ll just need a few crafting supplies to get started! Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments Here’s what you will need to make these ornaments: 4 popsicle sticks (one cut… 

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Animal Mason Jar Lanterns


Transform a regular mason jar into an adorable animal mason jar lantern! This is a fun and simple craft you can make with your kids, that’ll brighten dark evenings. Animal Mason Jar Lanterns You’ll need: clean mason jar water based white glue / school glue paintbrush tissue paper or crepe paper cardstock in different colors… 

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Fall Leaf Chalk and Glitter Art

Leaf Chalk and Glitter Art

There’s something about fall that just fells magical to me. The leaves turn every shade of golden, red and brown, the crisp air and the sun that still has it’s power to warm us up. Save a bit of this fall’s magic and make some beautiful fall leaf chalk and glitter art! You will need:… 

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Creating with Nature


There are many reasons kids should play outside, from running freely to making a mess without worrying about dirtying the house. Nature is also a great source of material for play and creative projects! This post contains affiliate links My daughter loves to collect bits of nature while we’re playing in the park and I’m… 

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Sand Fairy Garden and Enchanted Clay Houses


Make you own sand fairy garden, including colorful clay fairy houses. This whimsical sand fairy garden will offer kids a mini playspace of their own! The opportunities for customization and imaginative play are endless! My daughter loves anything fairy and magic related, that’s why I knew this project would be perfect for us to do… 

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DIY Trolls Inspired Masks and Hair Headbands


My daughter decided the three of us are going to be characters from the Trolls movie for a carnival this year in our town! That’s why I had to come up with some Trolls inspired masks and hair headbands. 😉 I’m thinking these masks would be a cute idea for a Trolls themed birthday party… 

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Trolls Inspired Pod Houses


Recently, my daughter got a few Trolls figures, that she plays with all the time these days. One afternoon she asked me if we could make little houses for these trolls, because “they need a place to sleep, of course” 😉 . I got inspired for this project by those adorable pod shaped houses that… 

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