Build a Monkey Number Match

These cute and colorful monkeys will help your kids learn counting numbers 1-20 and number sense in a fun and hands-on way!

Numbers can be represented in different ways such as pictures, tens frames, tally marks and others. This printable activity includes numbers from 1-20, so it’s perfect for kids who are just learning numbers and those who are working on teen numbers as well.

These cute and colorful monkeys will help your kids practice counting numbers 1-20, comparing numbers and number sense.

Your kids will build the number monkeys by counting palm leaves, flower petals, sun rays, banana tens frame, pineapple shaped tally marks and more! This printable number matching activity features pieces with a lot of different and colorful images, to make sure your kids stay engaged and also have a lot of fun practicing!

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Great for jungle, rainforest or ZOO themed units or lesson plans or as fun and hands-on math activities in your preschool, preK and kindergarten!

Use as an independent activity or small group math centers.

Consider starting with small groups of numbers first. Depending on your kids, you may or may not use all of the 20 numbers at once.


This printable PDF includes 10 pages of 20 x 5 number monkey pieces.

TO PREP: Print out the monkey pieces. Print them on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut them out.

TO PLAY: Let your kids match number arms and legs to the number on the monkey. Have fun!


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