Build a Flower Number Match

This is a fun number matching printable game for kids to practice numbers and counting!


This printable contains colorful flower parts with adorable pictures, that represent different numbers. Your little learners will first pick a yellow circle and identify the given number, then they will count the ducks in the pond, dots on bugs, petals on a flower and eggs in the nest!

Adding petals with pictures and stems with leaves around the yellow circle, they will form 11 different flowers, covering numbers from 0-10!

If you prefer, you can have all of the number circles laid out on a table. Kids will then sort the remaining pieces according to their number.

Consider starting with small groups of numbers first. Depending on your kids, you may or may not use all of the 11 numbers at once.

This printable also include bonus black & white version! This way your kids can also color the flower parts themselves, which could make this activity even more fun!

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This printable PDF includes 33 pages of 11 x 7 flower parts pieces + black & white version!

TO PREP: Print out the number flower parts. Print them on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut them out.

TO PLAY: Let your kids match petals with matching numbers to form colorful flowers. Have fun!


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{This product can also be purchased as part of the Number Match Bundle}


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