Build a Flower 5 Senses Match

This hands-on printable activity will help your kids understand how they use their senses to learn about the world around them!

Build a Flower 5 Senses Match Printable Activity

Teaching kids about five senses can be a lot of fun!

Kids will pick up a flower petal and look at the picture. They can place the flower petal around the flower center that represents the sense they think they use the most. There can be more than one flower center that will match the picture.

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Build a Flower 5 Senses Match Printable Activity

I believe there are no right or wrong answers. During the learning experience, you will learn how they think about the five senses. You can continue by asking questions like; “Do you usually first see or hear a bird? What about a firefly? Do you only see it or can you hear it too? Which sense are you using the most?…”

If you ask your kids different questions about a certain picture, you can engage in a fun conversation. Placing picture petals around the flower centers will help them critically think about how they use their senses.

Build a Flower 5 Senses Match Printable Activity

This printable PDF includes 10 pages of 36 different flower petals, 5 flower centers and stems with leaves.

TO PREP: Print out the 5 senses flower parts. Print them on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut them out.

TO PLAY: Let your kids match petals with matching senses to form flowers. Have fun!

Build a Flower 5 Senses Match Printable Activity

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