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Bubble Snakes


Lately, we’ve been having such a good time, blowing hundreds of bubbles-  at once! You don’t even have to worry about bubbles bursting too soon or not forming nicely. I was kind of surprised by that, have to say. 🙂

You’ll need 1 plastic bottle-cut it in half and keep only the upper part + small piece of towel or similar fabric + a rubber band.


All you need to do now, is to cover the hole with a piece of fabric and secure it in place with a rubber band.


The part where the towel is placed-dip it in a bubble solution (I mixed water with a spoon of dish detergent) before every few blows. I added a few drops of food coloring on the fabric at the end of the bottle, so we got colored bubbles! (Food coloring will stain clothes, so be careful. Afterwards, I washed my daughter’s sweater with some soap and water).





When you blow air through your bubble maker, you’re creating hundreds of tiny bubbles that stick together in a form of cluster. 🙂



  1. I’ve been dying to try this with the kids…looks like so much fun! Thanks for visiting Night Owl Corner…just stopping by to check out your blog too!

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