Big Maze Book Review

Do you love to solve fun and mysterious mazes? I’m not sure which one of use loves it more; me or my little girl. 😉

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Cute illustrations, fun instructions and lots of interesting mazes to solve. We found all of that in the book called Big Maze Book

We really love this book and use it very often. Here’s our honest review and a special trick, that I hope you’ll find useful too.

Big Maze Book Review

The Big Maze Book includes a little over 60 colorful mazes, which are sorted by difficulty. There are lots of easy mazes, suitable for a small child (4 year old), and more difficult ones too (suitable even for an adult).


Considering everything I just said, using a regular pencil or a pen to solve the mazes seemed wrong to me. Why? With all these pretty and cute illustrations, you just don’t want to “ruin” it by only solving a particular maze once! Kids usually like doing these exercises again and again anyway.

But I found a solution for that! Use the following trick and solve your mazes over and over again! One hundred times? No problem! 🙂


How? Find one A4 (or bigger format) plastic wallet, cut it on one side with scissors (see pictures bellow) and simply spread it over the selected maze in the book. This way, you’ll have a double A4 size plastic sheet, that’ll cover almost the entire book spread.

Secure the plastic sheet with a piece of sticky tape to the surface, so it won’t move.


All you need now is a dry erase marker and a tissue or a small piece of cotton wool. You’ll be able to erase the marker easily with it.

Pros and Cons:


+ beautiful and colorful illustrations

+ different difficulty levels (appropriate for different ages)


– almost too nice to just use once! But just use the trick with a plastic sheet and a dry erase marker to solve each maze multiple times.


After you’re done solving that particular maze, move the plastic sheet over another one and repeat! Easy right? This way, you can solve each maze multiple times. I think the Big Maze Book


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