Bear and Apple Shape Matching Puzzles

These Bear & Apple Shape Matching Puzzles are a fun and interactive way to help preschoolers learn about and recognize shapes!

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Bear and Apple Shape Matching Puzzles

These little bears are hungry! Kids can match the correct puzzle pieces to help the bears find their apples!

Each puzzle has a different line that connects the two pieces together, making the puzzles self-correcting.

Included shapes are the following: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, heart, star, pentagon, oval, rhombus, parallelogram and trapezium.

Bear and Apple Shape Matching Puzzles

This printable PDF includes 4 pages of 11 puzzles: 11 bear puzzle pieces and 11 apple puzzle pieces.

TO PREP: Print out the shape puzzles. Print them on cardstock for extra durability. Cut them out.

TO PLAY: Let your kids match shape bears with matching shape apples!

Bear and Apple Shape Matching Puzzles

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