Ant Pattern Strips

These Ant Pattern Strips with adorable ants carrying fruits, will make sure working on patterns is super engaging!

Ant Pattern Strips - Patterns

Creating and completing patterns is an important early math skill. Working on this skill, will help kids solve harder math problems later on, so let’s make learning fun!


These smiley ants found some delicious fruits! Your kids will try to recognize the patterns and place the correct card on each strip to complete it.

This set includes 84 different ant pattern strips! Pattern sets included: AB, AAB, ABB, ABC, ABCD, AABB and ABAC.

Each of the 7 pattern sets includes 3 differentiated ways to practice completing patterns:

Ant Pattern Strips - PatternsThe differentiated pattern strips make it easier for beginning learners to practice simple pattering and also interesting for those, who are more advanced in understanding of patterns.

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Ant Pattern Strips - Patterns

This printable PDF includes 27 pages of 84 pattern strips with smiley ants.

TO PREP: Print out the pages. Print on cardstock for more durability. Cut out the pattern strips and cards on the lines.

TO PLAY: Your little learners will try to recognize the fruit patterns and place the correct card on each strip to complete it. Have fun!

Ant Pattern Strips - Patterns

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  1. I have ordered several printibables and have paid for them with AMX.. I am not sure if you will send me a down load link or will I receive the items in the mail. Please let me know,.

    1. Hi,
      thank you for the order. The email with the download links is sent automatically after you place the order. Sometimes it will end up in your spam/junk folder by mistake.
      I’ve sent you the download links by email just in case.
      Regards, Sandra

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