I’m Sandra and I’m a mom to a six year old little girl.

I think childhood is the time of intensive play, creativity, new discoveries, lots of memorable moments and magical creatures. :)

I’m passionate about hands-on learning activities for kids. I believe learning should be based on play as long as possible, that’s why I love creating cute and colorful printables to make it engaging and super fun!

Here you’ll also find science experiments and other activities for playful learning.


These are few of my favorite and most popular post so far:

Build a Bear Number Match

Snowman Counting Puzzles

Fish & Fishbowls Upper and Lower Case Letter Match

Trolls inspired Pod Houses


Please feel free to e-mail me at sandra (at) frogs-and-fairies.com or leave a comment on a blog post. I would love to hear from you!



    • says

      Good afternoon! I ordered the number match bundle a few days ago and can’t find the files. School is about to begin and I was hoping to have them printed, laminated, and cut to have them ready! How can I get those files? I’ve seen them on tpt too. I look forward to hearing from you!

      • Sandra says

        Hi Kally! I just responded to your email from a different email address. Emails I sent from my email address weren’t getting delivered and bounced. If you need more help, please let me know!

        Best regards,

    • Sandra says

      Hi Patty! Please also check spam/trash folders. If you still can’t find the link to your printable, let me know and I’ll send it to your email manually. :)

    • Cori says

      Hi Sandra I just recently purchased your flower petal feeling match . I thought I had downloaded it but I can’t find it anywhere. Just wondering where I can find it.

      • Sandra says

        Hi Cori, thank you for your order. I just sent you an email with your download link. Please also check spam/trash folders. If you need more help, please let me know!

        Best regards, Sandra

  1. Tammie says

    Hi!!! Am I able to find you on Teachers Pay Teachers??? Just curious. If not, I’ll come back and purchase your Build a Bear resources. They are adorable!!!!

    • Sandra says

      Dear Susan, you should have gotten an email with a download link immediately. Sometimes the email will land in your SPAM folder or Promotions tab (if you’re using Gmail). So it’s best to check these folders if you haven’t gotten the email.

      I’ll also send you another email with the link just in case.

  2. Susan says

    Hi Sandra,

    It is not in my junk mail folder and no knew email has arrived. I did notice when I paid the paypal address had my email ending with .xa not .ca. I’m on the subscriber list and have picked up the freebies. Could it be that when I ordered my email was listed as .xa. Can you please check the email address? Only thing I can think of.

    Thank you,


    • Sandra says

      Hi Susan, you’ve received an email from my colleague. Looks like your email address was misspelled, that’s why you didn’t get any emails after your order.

      Best regards, Sandra

  3. Cynthia says

    Hi! I love the clip art bear you used for all of the build a bear activities. I’m always on the lookout for cute bear clip art. Did you create it? I’d love to purchase this bear clip art.
    Thank you.

  4. Natali Kuznetsoff says

    Dear Sandra,

    I’ve just bought a flower five senses match. Where can the pack be downloaded from?

    Thank you,
    Best regards,

    • Sandra says

      Hi Shannon!

      Thank you! I do have a teachers pay teachers store, but it’s kind of new and only some of the products have been added so far. I’m slowly adding them as I can. Here is the link.
      If you are interested in printables that aren’t there yet, you can tell which ones and I’ll try to add them quicker. :)

  5. Mary McNeel says

    I ordered the letter match bundle and I can find where to download it. It never asked for my email address. Could you please send to this email. * Thank you and I can’t wait to use this in my classroom.

    • Sandra says

      Hi Mary! I think the links were sent to the address that’s attached to your Paypal account. I just sent them to this email as well.:)

  6. Adrienne Dominic says

    I am unable to “checkout” the item I tried to purchase because I don’t have a paypal account and although it says I can pay with a cc, it doesn’t allow me to do that!

    • Sandra says

      Hi Adrienne, yes, I’m sorry, the only option is Paypal right now. I do also have a Teachers Pay Teachers store – you can use a credit card there. If the product you’d like to purchase isn’t there yet, just let me now and I’ll add it. Thank you.

    • Sandra says

      Hi! These products are printable PDF-s which are meant to be printed by you. I don’t send physical products by post.

  7. Jill says

    I have purchased the number match bundle but have been unable to download it. I can’t see where on your website that I can log in and see what I have purchased and try and download it again. Please assist! Jillxx

  8. Jill says

    Hi! Do you have a teachers pay teacher store? I love so many of your items but I can use a purchase order through there. Thank you.

  9. Melissa Connelly says

    I just bought my first item from your site. I went to send it to my printer, and it says I have used all of my downloads. I just bought it. I would like my purchase. Not sure what happened?

    • Sandra says

      Hi Melissa,

      thank you for your order. I just increased the number of times you can download the printable so you should be able to download it. When you go to the link to download the PDF, your browser might prompt you to “Open File” or “Save File”. If you select “Open” you will have to re-download it every time you wish to open it. If you download it to your computer you can open it as many times as you wish.

      If you have any more problems, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

      Regards, Sandra

    • Sandra says


      thank you for your order. I just replied to you by email and sent you the download link. Please let me know if you somehow don’t receive the email.

      Best regards, Sandra

    • Sandra says

      Hi Marcie,
      your order was marked cancelled at first, I think that’s why you didn’t receive your download link right away. The email should’ve been sent by now. Let me know if you somehow still didn’t receive it. Thank you!

      Best regards, Sandra

  10. Shana says

    Hi Sandra!

    I just purchased the Emotions Bundle and I’m curious which pics are worried vs. confused. From looking at the order of the document, I’m now thinking worried would be with the diagonal mouth and one eyebrow down and that confused would be with the open/squiggle mouths with both eyebrows down. Do you have a key? (I’m an elementary school teacher so you would think I would be able to figure this out! :) )

    • Sandra says

      Hi Shana!
      Worried expressions are the ones with squiggle mouths/eyebrows down and the confused ones would be the diagonal mouth ones. But since these expressions are so similar and can be used for both emotions, you could use them interchangeably, it doesn’t matter that much. :) Thank you for your order!
      Best regards, Sandra

  11. Catherine Anderson says

    I bought the Color by Code – Emotions today, and I’ve checked my spam and junk and I don’t see anything. I have the Paypal receipt if you need it.

    • Sandra says

      Hi Catherine, I just resent you the email with your download link. There was a small mistype in your email address, that’s why you didn’t receive it right away. Thank you for your order!

      Best regards,

  12. Julia says


    I purchased the Build a Flower Emotions Match. I got an email with the receipt, but do not know where the pack is / where to download it. Please assist!


    • Sandra says

      Hi Julia, the download link is inside the receipt. I also just sent you an email. Please let me know if you need more help! Best regards, Sandra

    • Sandra says

      Hi! Thank you for your order! I can’t find you under this email address. Can you please tell me which email did you use to place your order? You can send me an email to sandra(at)frogs-and-fairies.com

      Best regards,

  13. keene says

    Hello and good day,
    I’ve purchased a printable from your website and I have confirmation of the payment but it seems that I haven’t received any download link for what I paid for. Please respond as soon as you can because this is urgent. I look forward to your swift reply. Thank you.

    • Sandra says

      Hi! Thank you for your order. The download link is inside the order email. To download the printable, just click the link following the “Download:”.
      Please check you inbox, I also replied to your email with the link.
      Let me know if you need more help!

      Best regards,

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