Creating with Nature

There are many reasons kids should play outside, from running freely to making a mess without worrying about dirtying the house. Nature is also a great source of material for play and creative projects! This post contains affiliate links My daughter loves to collect bits of nature while we’re playing in the park and I’m… 

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DIY Marble Maze

Do you or your kids love to play with marbles? Or maybe solving mysterious mazes? What’s even more fun is a maze made especially for marbles! I should probably warn you, building a maze like this might captivate even adults and before you know it, you could all end up playing with it. 😉 What… 

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Simple Craft Foam Stamps

You know how kids like to play with different colors and shapes! So why not make really cool and super simple craft foam stamps for the little ones to play with. You can make really cute stamps just the way you and your little ones want it, by using small pieces of foam rubber and… 

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What Causes Storms?

What causes storms? Can you make one at home? Well…kind of. 😉 I found an interesting experiment, which allows children to understand the reason for the formation of storms! We’re going to imagine, that the water is in fact air. Two of the most important ingredients for thunderstorm formation are unstable air and moisture. The… 

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Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

I wanted to try making homemade sidewalk chalk for quite some time. I found this recipe, but I changed it a little bit (instead of powdered tempera paint, I used the liquid one). The whole process seemed intimidating to me and I thought it’ll be a lot harder than it actually is. For some reason,… 

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Craft Foam Window Puzzle

I think this is one of those activities, you can always fall back to, when you’re out of fresh ideas or the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse. All you need to make your own little window puzzle is a few sheets of craft foam in different colors, scissors and some water. Cut… 

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Dry Erase Worksheet Trick

In the previous post, I presented you with a collection of free worksheets, full of fun exercises and this time, I’ll show you an awesome trick you can use, to make your mazes, exercises and coloring pages even more useful… and super FUN! How? It’s really simple, you just print out the worksheets and laminate… 

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FREE E-Book: 10 Fun Worksheets and Printables For Kids

I prepared a very special GIFT for my readers – an e-Book of 10 fun worksheets and printables for kids. The main theme are animals! In the FREE e-Book you’ll find 10 pages of fun worksheets for kids (mazes, hand drawn coloring pages, word search and more). The exercises vary in difficulty and are intended… 

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Frozen Ocean Animal Rescue

Everything is possible in imagination, right? So lets say these animal got stuck and frozen in an ice age? Well..we need to save them! We had a lot of fun playing and discovering all the little animals (plastic toys). I used a big plastic bowl and poured a small amount of water in it, then… 

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IKEA Photo Frame Makeover {With Washi Sticky tapes}

I got this Ikea picture frame as a gift. It’s from Ikea and while it was pretty, it just didn’t work with the color palette in my daughter’s room. That’s why I decided to make it a little bit more fun and extra girly with washi sticky tapes. These tapes are for sure one of… 

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Healthy Apple Chips with Cinnamon

I believe many toddlers don’t like fruit to such an extent as us parents would want. Especially now in cold winter days, when there are a lot of different viruses around us, the vitamin-rich food is even more important. My daughter is one of those little ones, who are straight resisting fruit and vegetables. ;)… 

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