Build a Flower 5 Senses Match Printable Activity

Build a Flower 5 Senses Match

This hands-on printable activity will help your kids understand how they use their senses to learn about the world around them! Teaching kids about five senses can be a lot of fun! Kids will pick up a flower petal and look at the picture. They can place the flower petal around the flower center that… 

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Hedgehog Addition to 10 Match

Learning addition can be fun and engaging! This printable addition to 10 matching activity is a simple and fun way to practice beginning addition. It is a perfect activity for classroom use or even at home! {This printable can be purchased in my shop. Thank you for your support!} We first spread out the apples,… 

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Telling Time Bees and Flowers Match

This is an adorable bees and flowers matching game that helps kids practice telling time! After introducing your kids to the parts of a clock, they can use this activity to practice reading clocks. To help introduce telling time to my daughter, I created this fun bees and flowers printable set that we are loving… 

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Robots Shadow Matching Cards

Match the robot to it’s shadow! These printable robots shadow matching cards are a great way to practice visual discrimination with your little ones. To prep: Print out the cards. Print on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut out the cards. There are different ways you can use this printable: Match the robots to… 

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Emotions Match Clip Cards

This activity is a fun way for helping children learn to recognize different emotional expressions! {This printable can be purchased in my shop. Thank you for your support!} Kids don’t always understand why they feel the way they do and often, these emotions can be a lot for them to handle. Emotions are a big… 

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Fish and Fishbowls Upper and Lower Case Letter Match

Getting ready to teach your little ones the alphabet? This printable upper and lower case letter matching activity is a fun way to work on letter recognition with your kids! {This printable can be purchased in my shop. Thank you for your support!} These colorful fish are looking for their fishbowls! Kids can match the… 

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Fish Alphabet Upper & Lower Case Letter Find Worksheets

Looking for a fun way to keep kids excited about learning letters? These pages will give your child some extra practice with letter recognition while coloring the adorable fish in the sea! When I was little I loved simple and fun worksheets. I often even took some on our family vacations. A worksheet by itself… 

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Date, Cacao & Puffed Quinoa Bites

These date, cacao & puffed quinoa bites are really easy to make and taste delicious! I’m a big fan of no-bake snacks, that are quick to prepare. We’ve been ‘obsessed’ with these for a few months now, that’s why I simply have to share this recipe with you. What I really love about these date,… 

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Rainy Day – Count and Match #1-12

Preschoolers will love this rainy day printable number matching game! This activity is excellent for number recognition, learning to count, practice and one to one correspondence. {This printable can be purchased in my shop. Thank you for your support!}   The printable PDF includes 24 cards: 12 clouds with raindrops and 12 children. To PREP:… 

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Creating with Nature

There are many reasons kids should play outside, from running freely to making a mess without worrying about dirtying the house. Nature is also a great source of material for play and creative projects! This post contains affiliate links My daughter loves to collect bits of nature while we’re playing in the park and I’m… 

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Sand Fairy Garden and Enchanted Clay Houses

Make you own sand fairy garden, including colorful clay fairy houses. This whimsical sand fairy garden will offer kids a mini playspace of their own! The opportunities for customization and imaginative play are endless! My daughter loves anything fairy and magic related, that’s why I knew this project would be perfect for us to do… 

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