Bear Shape Match Clip Cards

Matching shapes with these adorable Bear Shape Match Clip Cards is a fun activity to help young kids succeed at recognizing shapes while also strengthening fine motor skills. A must try activity for young preschoolers!

Bear Shape Match Clip Cards

Learning about shapes in much more fun and engaging with these adorable bears!

There are 5 pages in this PDF printable file with 20 shape clip cards!

Included shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, heart, star, pentagon, oval and trapezium.

Bear Shape Match Clip Cards

TO PREP: Print out the cards. Print on cardstock for extra durability. Cut out the cards. Add clothespins, pebbles or buttons depending on your preference or your child’s fine motor abilities.

TO PLAY: Each clip cards includes 3 shape choices to choose from. Your little learners need to match bears with matching shapes (or shapes with matching bears) on the bottom of the card and place a clothespin or another object on the correct answer for each card.

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Bear Shape Match Clip Cards


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