Feed the Reindeer Upper and Lower Case Letter Match

Do your kids love reindeer? Reindeer with red noses are usually adored characters by kids, so why not include them in some fun learning! {This printable is available in my shop. Thank you for your support!} These adorable reindeer are hungry! Make sure they’re fed and ready for the big night helping Santa Claus around… 

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Animal Mason Jar Lanterns

Transform a regular mason jar into an adorable animal mason jar lantern! This is a fun and simple craft you can make with your kids, that’ll brighten dark evenings. Animal Mason Jar Lanterns You’ll need: clean mason jar water based white glue / school glue paintbrush tissue paper or crepe paper cardstock in different colors… 

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Bear Shape Match Clip Cards

Matching shapes with these fun Bear Shape Match Clip Cards is a fun activity to help young kids succeed at recognizing shapes while also strengthening fine motor skills. A must try activity for young preschoolers! Learning about shapes in much more fun and engaging with these adorable bears! There are 5 pages in this PDF… 

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Leaf Chalk and Glitter Art

Fall Leaf Chalk and Glitter Art

There’s something about fall that just fells magical to me. The leaves turn every shade of golden, red and brown, the crisp air and the sun that still has it’s power to warm us up. Save a bit of this fall’s magic and make some beautiful fall leaf chalk and glitter art! You will need:… 

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Bear and Apple Shape Matching Puzzles

These Bear & Apple Shape Matching Puzzles are a fun and interactive way to help toddlers and preschoolers learn about and recognize shapes! {This printable can be purchased in my shop. Thank you for your support!} These little bears are hungry! Kids can match the correct puzzle pieces to help the bears find their apples!… 

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Hedgehog Addition to 10 Match

Learning addition can be fun and engaging! This printable addition to 10 matching activity is a simple and fun way to practice beginning addition. It is a perfect activity for classroom use or even at home! {This printable can be purchased in my shop. Thank you for your support!} We first spread out the apples,… 

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Telling Time Bees and Flowers Match

This is an adorable bees and flowers matching game that helps kids practice telling time! After introducing your kids to the parts of a clock, they can use this activity to practice reading clocks. To help introduce telling time to my daughter, I created this fun bees and flowers printable set that we are loving… 

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Robots Shadow Matching Cards

Match the robot to it’s shadow! These printable robots shadow matching cards are a great way to practice visual discrimination with your little ones. To prep: Print out the cards. Print on cardstock or laminate for extra durability. Cut out the cards. There are different ways you can use this printable: Match the robots to… 

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Emotions Match Clip Cards

This activity is a fun way for helping children learn to recognize different emotional expressions! {This printable can be purchased in my shop. Thank you for your support!} Kids don’t always understand why they feel the way they do and often, these emotions can be a lot for them to handle. Emotions are a big… 

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Fish and Fishbowls Upper and Lower Case Letter Match

Getting ready to teach your little ones the alphabet? This printable upper and lower case letter matching activity is a fun way to work on letter recognition with your kids! {This printable can be purchased in my shop. Thank you for your support!} These colorful fish are looking for their fishbowls! Kids can match the… 

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Fish Alphabet Upper & Lower Case Letter Find Worksheets

Looking for a fun way to keep kids excited about learning letters? These pages will give your child some extra practice with letter recognition while coloring the adorable fish in the sea! When I was little I loved simple and fun worksheets. I often even took some on our family vacations. A worksheet by itself… 

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