Painted Twig Raft Boat

Make an adorable painted twig raft boat this spring or summer! it’s a fun and easy project to do with kids, using mostly natural materials you can find on a walk in the nature, in the garden or at home. Little ones can help you personalize it and really make it their own, while older… 

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DIY Trolls Inspired Masks and Hair Headbands

My daughter decided the three of us are going to be characters from the Trolls movie for a carnival this year in our town! That’s why I had to come up with some Trolls inspired masks and hair headbands. 😉 I’m thinking these masks would be a cute idea for a Trolls themed birthday party… 

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Chocolate Covered Date and Coconut Truffles

Quickly prepared chocolate covered date and coconut truffles aren’t just amazingly tasteful but a great choice if you want to eat something sweet without indulging into refined sugars. This recipe contains only natural sugars in dates and a bit of maple syrup for the coating. Dates are packed with energy, fiber, minerals and different vitamins… 

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Trolls Inspired Pod Houses

Recently, my daughter got a few Trolls figures, that she plays with all the time these days. One afternoon she asked me if we could make little houses for these trolls, because “they need a place to sleep, of course” 😉 . I got inspired for this project by those adorable pod shaped houses that… 

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How to Decorate a Mug with Homemade Stamps

A simple and FUN project! Check out how to decorate a mug with homemade stamps and porcelain markers! Rainy and foggy weather we’ve had lately is just perfect for having fun with creative projects like this! For a while I had some white cups still in the original packaging stashed somewhere in the back of… 

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Cork Sail Boats

This week we took a few days off and went to the seaside. It was a lovely vacation even though it was quite windy which means there was quite a bit of waves. But we didn’t let that hold us back and we successfully launched our home made cork sail boats which I mostly prepared… 

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Chocolate Covered Coconut Bars

You can prepare these yummy chocolate covered coconut bars in no time and they taste a lot like the well known Bounty bars. At the same time, if you want a healthy desert and don’t consume dairy, eggs or nuts, you can enjoy them as well. They’re absolutely delicious, filled with healthy ingredients and they… 

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Ocean Sensory Bin Adventure

In these hot summer days, playing in or around water is more than just fun, plus you can have your little piece of the seaside right in your home, garden or balcony! All you need to make a fun ocean sensory bin adventure, is a large PVC container and a few accessories like stones/rocks, plants,… 

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Rainbow Rice Sensory Play

Rainbow rice is a wonderful material for sensory play and it’s great for fine motor development too. We’ve been having a lot of rain for the past couple of days and there’s just something special about these little colored grains, that make even a dull cloudy day colorful and fun! Materials: white rice zip plastic… 

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Creamy Chocolate Avocado Popsicles

June is here! You know what that means? Ice cream and popsicles season has begun! No matter the temperatures or where you live, who can really resist a delicious, healthy, fruit filled, refined sugar and additives free popsicle? What do you think about home made popsicles with a strong chocolate flavor, gentle creamy consistency and… 

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Stabilo Woody Crayons Review

My daughter loves drawing so much that her drawings are attached to almost every wall of our apartment (while I do too, she mostly tapes them herself 😉 ), therefore I’m constantly on the lookout for new and most importantly innovative and funky materials. Recently my little one started predominantly drawing on our windows and… 

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